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    Emergency Communications

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Sign Up For Hyper-Reach

Bobby Brown
The Humphreys County 911 Center will be joining an alert system named Hyper-Reach that will allow messages to be sent from the 911-dispatch office to cell phones via text message, an email sent to …

2012 – Jody Rainey

Bobby Brown
  Jody Rainey Dispatcher of the Year 2012

Handling Your Emergency

The 9-1-1 system is your first source of help in times of crisis and it can mean the difference in life and death. When you dial 9-1-1 within Humphreys County, your call is routed to our 911 Center and is immediately answered by a 911 Dispatcher who will assist you with your emergency.

How do I get a 911 Address?

We have detailed information on our Addressing page.