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911 Center Fact Sheet

Humphreys County Emergency Communications District

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 553 Emergency Dial 9-1-1
Street Address: 103 East Main Street
Waverly, TN 37185

Phone 931-296-7792
Fax 931-296-3961

Map to 911 Center

911 Center Fact Sheet PDF

The Humphreys County Emergency Communications District was established in 1989 by referendum. Enhanced 911 was brought online in 1992. The 911 Center is under the direction of the Humphreys County Emergency Communications District (911) Board. The nine-member 911 Board meets the second Tuesday of the even numbered months at 4:00 p.m. in the 911 Center Board Room. Members are appointed to the board by the Humphreys County Commission.

The Humphreys County 911 Center is located at 103 East Main St. in Waverly in a shared facility with the Waverly Police Department. The centralized communications center has been in operation since November of 2001.

Employees: 11 Full-time

911 Director
911 Assistant Director
9 Full-time Dispatchers

New hires complete a 160 hour on the job training program supervised by Communications Training Officers (CTO’s). Trainees are evaluated daily and must meet all standards before being released from training. CTO’s are full time dispatchers who have been selected as trainers and complete specialized training.

A total of 104 hours of classroom training must be completed during the initial 6-month probationary period. The training includes Emergency Telecommunicator training, CPR certification, and NCIC/TIES Certification.

All employees are required to maintain their TIES/NCIC certification through regular in-service training as well as their Telecommunicators certification. In addition, many of our employees have attended specialized training in areas such as Fire Dispatch, Hazardous Materials, Incident Command, Domestic Violence, etc. We conduct monthly in-service training sessions on various relevant topics.

Agencies we dispatch include:

Humphreys County Sheriff’s Dept.
Humphreys County Fire Dept. (5 Districts)
Humphreys County Emergency Management
Waverly Police Department
Waverly Fire Department

McEwen Police and Fire Departments
New Johnsonville Police and Fire Departments

Pro-Med Ambulance Service

We handle TIES/NCIC (national crime computer) for all of the law enforcement agencies. The 911 Center handles over 46,700 TIES/NCIC transactions per year. A representative from each agency meets with the Director regularly as part of a user group to discuss any issues related to the service we provide.

Calls for Service Data

The spreadsheet below displays our calls for service to date. These figures represent actual calls for service dispatched to an agency. The CAD system came online in November 2002.

Calls for service to date statistics spreadsheet:


Zetron PSAP (911) Equipment (4 Answer points)
Zetron Consoles – 4 fixed positions                                                                                        GeoConex Computer Aided Dispatch Software
GeoConex Mapping System
Intranet for information sharing among staff                 

Wireless Caller Location

The 911 Center is fully compliant with wireless phase II which allows for the location of wireless callers who dial 911. The technology takes GPS coordinate information transmitted by wireless carriers and displays the caller location on our mapping system. The system has been successfully used a number of times to dispatch assistance to callers who were unable to provide location information to us. The system is a new technology and is dependent upon wireless carriers properly implementing the technology.

Public Education

The 911 Center is committed to educating the public on the proper use of the 911 System and new technologies such as wireless caller location.

In addition, staff is available upon request to meet with local groups and schools for presentations on the 911 system.


The 911 Center is funded from two sources of revenue. The primary source is from wireline 911 surcharge, which is $1.50 for residential customers and $3.00 for business customers per line monthly. The District also receives a 25% share of the wireless surcharge which is $1.00 monthly and is based on the county population. The remaining 75% is collected by the State 911 Board primarily to implement wireless phase II in the state.  The remaining personnel costs are shared with local government on a percentage basis. The City of Waverly, Humphreys County and the 911 Board have 30% shares and the Cities of New Johnsonville and McEwen have 5% shares.